Janie Rose Jewelry

My friend Jan and I went to the Celebration of Craftswomen last Sunday, that incredible gathering of talented women artists at Fort Mason in San Francisco. This is my third or fourth trip to this annual show. I try not to miss it – it inspires and stimulates me in my own crafts all year long.

And this year we actually knew one of the artists! This is like knowing a MOVIE STAR in my book. Our friend, knitter and new member of our Friday knitting group, Janie Rose, was there showing her fabulous jewelry. Here she is . . . .

Janie Rose Jewelry

Janie handpaints silk, treats it with some kind of polymer, cuts it out in interesting shapes and then mixes it with metal jewelry findings and crystals to make earrings, pins and necklaces. The resulting pieces are vibrant in color and very lightweight to wear. Take a look at some of what she had on display . . .

Janie's earrings

Janie also works with blown glass beads, like those made on the island of Murano in Venice. My husband and I visited Murano last May and Janie’s work rivals anything we saw there. She did not have her Venetian glass at the Celebration, but she is going to bring them to my house for our Friday group Christmas party. I’ll take some pictures and share them here then. Here’s some more of Janie’s work . . . .

Janie's necklaces

And Janie is a new knitter, too. In fact, she just finished her first sweater, which is the subject of Carolyn’s Pugh’s most recent blog entry. What doesn’t she do? I may have to slap her silly. In the meantime, GO to the Celebration of Craftswomen and visit Janie in booth #417. She’ll be there next weekend Dec. 5 & 6.

There were some other pretty great artists at the show. Some of them I look for every year, like embroiderer Yan Inlow of Yan’s Designs. She makes the most exquisite Chinese silk embroidery. Jan and I each bought one of her small pieces a couple of years ago. She’s gotten even better. And I always look for Lynn Guenther of Heart and Soul Gallery. This year I bought a beautiful pair of earrings from her – small silver dogs that look like Taffy and have a garnet on them.

I was most impressed this year by a young artist I saw for the first time. Her name is Kelly Morgen, she is a fabulous goldsmith who trained in Florence and she is all of 26. Her work graces the cover of this year’s Celebration program. Gorgeous stuff.

Actually, there was very little crap at this year’s show. No Vagina Lady. Did you all see Vagina Lady? She was this woman who would make a giant, color sculpture of your vagina to hang on the wall. A couple of shows ago, she told me and Cameron she had one of her own vagina hanging above the driveway to her house. Over the garage. Wish I was her neighbor!!!

So go to the show!

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I am a freelance religion reporter living in the San Francisco Bay Area.
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