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What’s on the Needles?

It’s been a busy crafting week. Last Wed., I went to the knitalong at Art Fibers and we were all treated to a reading of a chapter in a new novel by the author herself. Pretty cool. Then Friday, I … Continue reading

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Friday Knitting

I have not meant to be silent so long. Summer’s here and you’re trying to take a break from your usual routine without really going on vacation or letting things slide and then WHAMMO it’s August. How the heck did … Continue reading

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Wedding Invitations and Cards

My mom and dad are here visiting my husband and me for a few days so we can all go to the wedding of dear family friends. Earlier in the year – before I had this blog – the bride … Continue reading

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I Hate People. I Love Crafts

So I had quite the weekend. While I was at work at K2Tog, two women came in and while one occupied me (the only sales associate on the floor) the other stole my wallet out of my purse, which was … Continue reading

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Look How Talented I am

I am so talented. I am SOOOOOO talented. I should have my own TV show. Last night, I was so talented, following the ingestion of a Cinzano cocktail, I managed to catch my yarn in the fly of my blue … Continue reading

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Truck Sweater

On Fridays, I go to my knitting group for two hours in the morning and we all show each other what is on our various needles as we sit and knit and solve the world’s problems. This last Friday, we … Continue reading

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