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On the Eighth Day of Craftsmas . . . .

my true love gave to me . . . a big, fat Cranberry Cordial Cocktail because I’m about to kill someone if Christmas doesn’t get here and get over FAST. Ugh. So, if you’ve been following along, on the third … Continue reading

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On the Sixth Day of Craftsmas

my true love (which I guess, at this point you’ve figured out, means ME!!!) gave to me: RED LENTIL SOUP WITH LEMON. So why soup? Because next week I am going to eat my weight in wonderful things, so I … Continue reading

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On the Third Day of Craftsmas, My True Love Gave to Me . . .

Cranberry Cordial under the tree! What luck! Last Wednesday, the New York Times’ excellent Dining section had an article about kitchen-made gifts for giving. There was an intriguing recipe for chocolate bark with pomegranite seeds and sea salt (stay tuned … Continue reading

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Postcard from Nantucket – Making Chowdah for the First Time

There is something about seaside places that inspire me – and I am sure a lot of other people – to want to make, or at least eat, seafood. Vicki and I were walking along the harbor the other day … Continue reading

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Okay, I am Very Stupid

So I started my New Year’s Eve by saying, “Wouldn’t red beans and rice be a good dish for tomorrow?” and then chopping off a part of my little finger on my left hand while making it. Sigh. Good thing … Continue reading

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Because I Wanna – Mendocino Sea Salt

The whole purpose of a blog is to write about things ya wanna write about. I feel like writing about Mendocino Sea Salt.             About a year ago, I was up at The Sea Ranch … Continue reading

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New Year, New Soup

I got my blogging stats from WordPress the other day, but I did not look at them. I am afraid to. I let this blog drop away at the end of the year, just too overwhelmed and too discouraged, really, … Continue reading

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I Need a Wife

And four hands. If I had a wife and four hands, I could clean house, bead and write at the same time. I could cook, knit and walk my dogs all at once. But I don’t have four hands. Damn. … Continue reading

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Maid Marian Socks – Heel Flap

Okay, everyone ready for the heel flap on the Maid Marian Socks? You slackers, go to yesterday’s post and catch up. Catch up, will ya??? Gaaaaa. First, let me start by saying I have had a glass of wine.  Malbec. … Continue reading

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Italian Food Fest

Last Saturday evening, my Friday morning knitting group, which has been meeting for at least 6 years, first at Skein Lane and now at Skein Lane Studio, carried the Friday morning festivities over into Saturday night for the first of … Continue reading

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