Tri-Shutter Cards

Just a quick post about Tri-Shutter Cards, which I just discovered via Pinterest. THANK YOU, PINTEREST!!!

Tri-shutter cards are folded cards with five faces. They can stand on their own, thank to the folds. Here are two I have made so far . . .

A Thank You Card

A Thank You Card

I had used die cuts, some punches and some 3-d flowers – all of which I had I am embarrassed to say.

The front

The front

I was so happy with this one, I made a second – a sympathy card for a dear friend whose brother recently passed. I’ll hand it to her in person tonight.

Sympathy card

Sympathy card

For this one, I used two coordinating but contrasting papers. I used one on the first, last and center strips, and used the second one on the bottom and top strips. I think this adds more visual interest than if I just used one paper overall.

Another view

Another view

I found the template and instructions for the card here. Try it!

Last panel

Last panel

This one was a bit trickier than the thank you card. I had to make my own big maroon butterfly – I had no die-cut on hand. I traced one. Then I used a double-punch to make the smaller butterflies.

Big red butterfly

Big red butterfly

You would sign this card on the back.

Butterfly eye's view

Butterfly eye’s view



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6 Responses to Tri-Shutter Cards

  1. Carolyn says:

    Reblogged this on Skein Lane – IN THE LOOP and commented:
    Well…how darn great is this?! Thanks Kimberly of “My Daily Cocktail of Yarn……”

  2. Wow these are AMAZING! I have never done much in the way of paper craft before but these have tempted me!

  3. Karen Frisa says:

    Holy cow Kimberly — you amaze me!

  4. kjwinston says:

    Well, it’s a bit of sickness – not being able to sit and do nothing, not being able to turn the brain off when you want to sleep. I see images – of cards, of knitting, or jewelry. It’s a blessing, but you know the saying . . . it’s a curse, too.

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