Truck Sweater

On Fridays, I go to my knitting group for two hours in the morning and we all show each other what is on our various needles as we sit and knit and solve the world’s problems. This last Friday, we were all taken with this little baby sweater Sarah had on her needles.

p3270107The pattern comes from Green Mountain Spinnery and is called “Playful Sweaters.” You can knit a truck version, like Sarah, or a sailboat or a car. We all liked the truck because you get to add buttons as wheels!

Sarah is a consummate knitter and always amazes us with fair isle mittens and fancy lace, often made from yarn she spins herself (bitch!). One of these days she is going to get her own Etsy store and sell her spun goods – one of these days, right Sarah?

A word about my knitting group: it is the highlight of my week. Now, some of you might think that is sad, that a 45-year-old woman with two college degrees and three books with her name on them finds a glorified kaffeeklatsch the highlight of her week. But this is so much more than a circle of women who share a hobby. This is my circle of sisters, of wisewomen, of teachers, of mentors, of BFFs, of friends. The contributions these women have made to my life in the last fuve years since I began knitting and joined them have been rich and beyond counting. I love them very much.

Can’t wait til next Friday.p3270109

About kjwinston

I am a freelance religion reporter living in the San Francisco Bay Area.
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4 Responses to Truck Sweater

  1. Cameron says:

    I LOVE YOU TOO!! (Sarah’s sweater is awesome!) From one of your Friday knittin’ group gals.

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